Halle Pearce

Accredited Exercise Physiologist (EP)

  • Bachelors of Exercise and Sports Science with Honours (Clinical Exercise Physiology) UQ

As an EP, Halle works with people experiencing complex medical conditions or injuries. She helps to reduce their pain and increase their mobility by prescribing specific exercise programs.

“It is amazing that exercise, designed and delivered specifically to treat an issue, is the best alternative to surgery or pharmaceutical treatments. If you can rectify the issue without surgery, you will be much better off,” said Halle.

Halle was born and raised in Tasmania. She moved to Brisbane in 2013 to study Exercise and Sport sciences. She majored in Exercise Physiology at the University of Queensland. Her intention at first was to pursue Physiotherapy, however she fell in love with the ways exercise can improve people’s lives. “When I was younger, developing the high-level athletes and enhancing their sporting performance was the goal. Now it is about rehabilitation and the performance side of Exercise physiology.”

Throughout her degree, Halle was fortunate to work with and be a part of training programs for some elite wheelchair rugby athletes representing their country in 2018. Outside of a sport performance realm, seeing the impact that can be made through strength and conditioning programs in everyday lives has been incredible. “Many people don’t understand the importance of strength when it comes to managing their pain, condition or injury in their everyday lives,” said Halle.

Halle is dedicated to the practise of exercise and strength conditioning to better the lives of those around her and help them regain their independence.

Halle plays AFL football and has a colourful background in various sports, such as hockey, rowing, netball, and basketball. She is also into rock climbing and abseiling which became an interest when she lived in England for a year in 2012.


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