Naysan Abood


Naysan joined Physiodynamics in 2020.  He is a graduate the Australian Catholic University and has spent all of his professional time working in private practice in Brisbane.   Naysan has a keen interest in sports injury rehabilitation and prevention, and strength and conditioning, especially of the lower limb.   He has previously worked with a range of athletes, from the QLD state netball league to premier grade rugby union, as well as the challenges of school sports. He treats every day as a learning experience to further hone and build on his skills as a physiotherapist.

Holding true to Physiodynamics core principles, Naysan believes in a holistic approach to injury management and health.  He strives to help clients manage and rehabilitate their injuries with the latest evidence-based methods and is driven to help his clients become the best version of themselves.

In his spare time, Naysan enjoys fishing, playing basketball in the worst possible way, and keeping up to date with pretty much anything sporting related in the world.  Naysan regularly participates in community building activities in his area with local junior youth, helping them playing a role in the development of their local communities.


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