Ranveer Atwal

Sports Scientist
Strength and Conditioning Coach

  • Master of physiotherapy (USYD)
  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sport sciences (UQ)
  • Level 1 & 2 strength and conditioning coach (Australian Strength and Conditioning Association)
  • Level 1 & 2 Sports Australian Physiotherapy Association

As a physiotherapist, Ranveer draws upon exercise and manual therapy techniques to restore strength and function to all injuries. “I love what I do because I get to help people get back to what they love doing, be it elite sports, gardening or leisure activities.” With a background in sports science and athletic performance, he enjoys not only rehabilitating injuries but showing patients how they can improve their strength and personal power to increase their performance.

Ranveer is also into sports physiotherapy and sports massage. He is the head physiotherapist for the Annerley Football Club in Brisbane. He relishes the opportunity to manage injuries from day one, so he can prescribe programs that has players back on the field without delay. He also implements ‘injury prevention strategies’ to minimise the risk of injury during the football season. A physical therapist at heart. A highlight has been serving the Annerley women’s football team who took out the Women’s league premiership (2018), after an undefeated season.

Personal satisfaction for Ranveer comes from helping people achieve goals that they felt at some point were impossible. He believes that the human body is extremely strong and resilient if given the right exposure to challenging tasks. Throughout his career, the highlight has been the opportunity to shift a patient’s belief about their pain and what they are capable of. “People can do more than they think they can.” He also believes that everyone is entitled to the same level of high-quality care regardless of athletic level, sporting/work related injury or age. “Just because you are old doesn’t mean you have to be fragile. Some of my older clients are my strongest.”

When taking a break from the clinic, Ranveer likes to pull out his golf clubs and either head to the driving range or out on the course for a round of 18 to unwind and relax. He often tries to convince his 3-year-old nephew to take up golf, so he can fit in a few more rounds, but he hasn’t been able to convince him yet!



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