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Physiodynamics works closely with workers compensation authorities and employers and to help people return to work after an accident or injury. Physiodynamics can provide complete injury management from initial treatment to suitable duties plans and work hardening programs.

Work specific physical conditioning programs are also known as work hardening programs.

A recent review of research findings show that workers with chronic back pain who participate in a physical conditioning program take an average of 45 less sick days per episode, compared to workers who receive usual medical care.

To achieve this remarkable outcome the programs need to have a number of features.

Programs should:

  1. Be work related / specific.
  2. Be supervised by a physiotherapist (or a multidisciplinary team).
  3. Encourage and reassure people that it is beneficial to stay active and not be afraid of moving. Thus return them to normal activity (including work) as soon and safely as possible.
  4. Improve aerobic condition and local muscular strength and endurance.

Medical practitioners, return to work coordinators, insurers, employers and workers alike should take note of the results of this important review. Applying the results of this systematic review will save money and reduce the disability and inconvenience workers experience as a result of low back pain.

Reference: Schonstein E, Kenny DT, Keating J, Koes BW (2003) Work conditioning, work hardening and functional restoration for workers with back and neck pain. In: The Cochrane Library, Issue 3, 2003. Oxford



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