Darryl Meares

Sports and Exercise Scientist
Clinical Director
All-around good guy

  • B.HMS (Hons). B.Phty
  • Bachelor Human Movement Science with Honours (UNE)
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (UQ)

Darryl has had a lifelong interest in achieving optimum mobility for the human body. There is no doubt, he is a scientist of human movement and a practitioner with great empathy. He relentlessly pursues a life changing result for his clients and invariably achieves it. He gets an absolute thrill out of helping people get better. His career started as an Exercise Physiologist where he developed his exercise prescription and education skills. He consulted with Fitness industry groups, sporting academies and organisations such as the National Heart foundation. Further education in physiotherapy enabled a more holistic approach to both his physical rehabilitation skills and managing the injured athlete back to competition. Darryl has had the opportunity to work with State and National level athletes in Amateur sport as well as several professional athletes both home-grown and overseas.

It is with a highly extensive knowledgebase, along with an intuitive understanding of the human condition and people’s individual concerns, that Darryl can craft customised therapy and exercise programs to drive physical improvements and recovery.

He also likes leading a team and empowering his younger therapists to become more masterful in the art of movement. It’s all about giving clients the greatest opportunity to recover and be the best physical versions of themselves.

It also goes without saying that Darryl likes to keep fit. He’s into the thrill seeker stuff, like windsurfing and mountain biking. He tries to surf, but the waves win 9-out-of-10 times.

I’ve spent a lot of time working on being the best at what I do, so I want to work with people who really appreciate that level of skill
~ Darryl Meares.



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