Exercise Prescription and Programming

Individually tailored programs developed to strengthen and optimise an individual’s physical capacity. Exercise prescription is paramount in making sure that you optimise what your body can do.


A 75-year-old female client couldn’t stand on one leg 12 months earlier without falling over. Now, her balance is intact, and she can even hop on one leg. Another client, aged 65, has been so inspired by exercise prescription that he is now able to deadlift 115kg for five repetitions, and no longer complains of lower back pain. An amazing achievement. Another 75- year-old lady with osteoporosis heard the story and now she’s up to 30kg deadlift. Hasn’t felt so great for years. You always must expose the body to a new challenge, otherwise, it just stagnates. If the program stops, you stop.

Work Hardening Programs

The intention is to improve upon a person’s physical condition, so they can have a more physically rewarding life experience. It goes without saying that a person’s physical capacity is only as good as the load they can tolerate. And, the only way to tolerate more load is to train.

The biggest challenge is getting patients through the tough bit, the times that it hurts, and it can be painful. But if people understand that it’s short-lived and persist, they regain movement and function that serves freedom.