Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a form of deep tissue massage. It is regularly used to facilitate the reduction of muscle tension and irritation. Such techniques can be helpful in recovering from physical activity and high load training as seen in some sports or occupations that result in repetitive actions and/or sustained postures. Reducing muscle stiffness can be an effective tool in improving joint range of motion and reducing injury potential.

It is understood the there is a potential healing nature of physical touch. We believe it has the capacity to reduce stress hormones which in turn could help lower blood pressure, muscle tension and help alleviate one’s pain. This process can also be an important component in the management of high stress / repetitive work situations as well as the high load athlete.

Remedial massage can be an effective therapy for proactive pain management and improved physical performance. It works best in conjunction with other exercise modalities. After assessment and consultation, our remedial massage therapists can determine whether you would benefit from targeted sessions or a tailored treatment plan.

During your first session, our remedial massage therapists evaluate your areas of tension. Once your problem area is understood, our experts can determine the best form of therapy to meet your needs. Remedial massage should not be painful. Some techniques used to relieve stress may cause initial discomfort, the pressure should be bearable. Our remedial massage therapists take care to gauge your level of comfort and pressure during treatment, to ensure that you experience the benefits.


Remedial massage is a beneficial adjunct to a rehabilitation program, future injury prevention program, or to assist in reducing stress and work-related muscle tension. Our therapists work in a team environment, so you can be assured that there will not be any techniques applied that may impair your recovery from injury.