Active Core and stability classes / Clinical strength classes

These classes are normally for people over 40 who need to develop muscle mass and strength in a safe and supportive environment. The classes can include Pilates, Yoga and other light exercises to relieve chronic problems. Patients may have had some form of joint pathology, total knee, hip, or shoulder replacement. In other instances, patients may be at risk of falls or they are so physically deconditioned that they’re quality of life has deteriorated.

Sports Performance Services

A screening program aimed at identifying small alterations in muscle patterns and movement habits that may be reducing a person’s ultimate performance capability. A runner for instance with a muscle recruitment pattern which inhibits some of the hip stabilizers, such as the Gluteus Medius won’t be able to generate maximum force. So, the runner is using extra energy to stabilise. If we can improve the runners hip stability, then more energy can be directed to generate propulsive force therefore allowing greater performance.

We’re improving upon muscle tolerances. Improving the muscle groups, making them stronger. Then you don’t have to worry about instabilities and you’re able to generate more force. So, if we can improve stabilising muscles to gain stability and strength then those people will be able to run faster, jump higher and perform at a higher level.

Sporting Teams

An assessment and report program to give clubs a physical baseline for their team or teams at the start of the season, and then the end of the season. It’s a highly cost-effective way to assess a team’s level of performance and those who within the team can improve their performance with assistance. This program results in improvements in a team’s overall performance through education in physical movement techniques along with strength and conditioning programming.

Our sports performance programs are designed to allow athletes and teams to track their training data so that they can ensure they are on target with their performance goals and minimise the risk of overtraining. For teams this allows the coach to focus on skill development, team strategy and game play. We utilise some of the latest equipment that gives us the most accurate information regarding physical performance characteristics such as power, speed, agility and endurance.


A biomechanical and muscular function program for better growth development for a long active life. Kids grow quickly, and they can experience muscular growth pain. That pain can result in an altered movement pattern that can lead to injuries or sustained issues later in life. Imagine if you didn’t correct the wheel alignment on your car. The tyres would keep burning out. We also work with child athletes to reduce burn-out from overtraining. Some kids just love their sport, but it is well known that early specialisation can be harmful to their physical development and overall sporting performance. We can develop strategies with parents and coaches to help keep kids engaged in their sport while not being injured by fatigue.

Department of Veteran Affairs patients

Clients who qualify for treatment under the Department of Veterans Affairs are eligible for treatment with no ‘out of pocket’ cost. Clients are also able to attend our onsite gymnasiums in Cleveland and Beenleigh without further incurring any cost. Our Greenslopes clients may qualify for some financial support through the private fitness facilities we work with (please enquire to see if you are eligible).

Primary Healthcare Plans

Enhanced primary care system – planned and designed to assist people with a chronic condition. Assistance provided through Medicare.

Cancer patients, Diabetics, Chronic asthma, Hypertension, Chronic ongoing arthritic conditions, Gout, Osteoarthritis, etc

Programs are developed by our staff to not only help minimise pain and disability, but to also prevent a person’s condition from impairing their life any further. A core principle at Physiodynamics is to restore mobility, and, with mobility comes function, and with function comes happiness.

CTP Insurance

Injured in a motor vehicle accident? It’s possible that your treatment could be completely funded by a Compulsory Third-Party Insurance Company.

Our clinical team have a long history of managing such claims and dealing with third party insurance organisations. Our treatment planning is designed to help you recover as quickly as possible with the least impact on your daily life. If you have an approved claim we are able to negotiate directly with the insurer to provide treatment and defer billing to the insurer. This reduces the financial stress that such injuries may burden you with. We already know that vehicle repairs are not cheap, so why carry the extra financial stress of your treatment if you do not have to?

*No cost for accepted claims and approved treatment plans. We provide the same level of expertise to address the issue and get you back on your feet.


Queensland workers injured at work, with accepted claims and current medical certificates are eligible for treatment with no out of pocket expense. Our treatment is tailored to reduce pain and disability as quickly as possible. We are able to work with your GP, Specialist, Case Manager and Employer to facilitate your recovery and return to work in a seamless manner. There is great support for early intervention and early return to work to improve recovery from a work-related injury. Physiodynamics staff are well versed in the intricacies of the WorkCover Qld process.

Other workers from interstate are also welcome as clients. We have worked with NSW, Victoria and WA injured workers in the past with great success.

*No cost for accepted claims. We provide the same level of expertise to address the issue and get you back on your feet.

Pre-employment & Return to work programs

Pre-Employment Screening

comprehensive physical assessments designed to highlight any physical impairments that may pre-dispose a potential employee / worker to injury.

Our screening protocols can be tailored to the industry, or we can apply company specific protocols as required. Pre-employment screening is an invaluable tool in identifying injury risk potential in prospective employees.

Fitness for duties screening

modified assessments designed to determine whether an employee who has recently suffered a non-work-related injury, is capable of performing their normal, or modified duties in the workplace, without exposing them to further harm or injury.

These assessments assist socially aware employers with the care for their staff which helps to minimise lost time due to physical injury.

Work injury management

research has demonstrated that early return to work following injury is the most successful way to assist people recover. An early return to work is only possible with the right support which starts with an accurate injury diagnosis and treatment plan. Our physiotherapists go out of their way to understand the physical demands of the injured worker’s job, so that their treatment plan ensures a complete return of all function and strength before being cleared to return to normal full duties.

With this support, injured workers, who are our clients, know they are supported. This results in increased confidence in the recovery process, and employees will trust us to advocate on their behalf to employers and insurers to ensure that their well-being is considered during the return to work process.

Some of our industry clients include:

  • JJ Richards and sons
  • Digga Australia Machinery Attachments
  • Hanson Australia
  • Hymix
  • Langs Building Supplies


  • Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • Sports medicine Australia
  • World Confederation of Physical Therapy
  • Exercise and Sports Science Australia
  • Australian Strength and Conditioning Association
  • Upper limb surgeon, Dr Joerg Rhau :
  • Capalaba Bulldogs Football Club
  • Annerley Football Club
  • Alex Hills Football Club