Physiotherapy is treatment of acute, sub-acute or chronic pain caused by some form of physical impairment.

Physiotherapy is the treatment of pain and movement pathology related to either acute or chronic injury. Our Physiotherapists pride themselves on taking a holistic evidence-based approach to treatment. Holistic means that they not only consider your immediate pain but also look at other regions or factors that may be contributing to your pain experience and impairing your body’s ability to recover.Evidence-based practice means that our therapists remain up to date with the latest research in treatment techniques, and pain management strategies. This means that the advice provided to you has, where possible, been demonstrated to be the most effective, most of the time.


Being stuck in an uncomfortable working position for a long period has resulted in a slow-burning lower back or neck pain, headache or dizziness. Alternatively, the impact of an incident such as digging a hole, hitting a rock and straining your back or shoulder.


The aim is to accurately diagnose the musculoskeletal complaint, determine the best course of treatment and management, while also identifying the risks from a habitual and environmental perspective. This may include understanding a person’s work conditions and home life to better understand a person’s habits. That way a more accurate management system can be put in place, so the injury is avoided in the future. The end goal of any general/musculoskeletal physio approach is to allow the person to participate in their life with the greatest of their ability without any impairment.