Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy is an area of practice that pertains to the management of injuries sustained in the sporting arena. The immediate management of a sports injury is not that different from the same injury sustained in a non-sporting situation. The difference in a sports setting is the attainment of strength and skill to a high enough level to return to competition.

Our Physiotherapists are dual-qualified in Sports Science with many of them holding advanced strength and conditioning qualifications. They are able to develop an elite-level return to sports management plans. They can work with your coaches in advising a specific return to play strategies. They can also prescribe or consult with your conditioning coaches to help devise plans to best minimise loss of overall strength and endurance.


Injuries are a part of sports. Ankle sprains, muscles strains, knee and shoulder injuries can all occur through a mistimed tackle or a poor technique. Overuse injuries related to poor technique, overtraining or other biomechanical factors, pain and function are impaired resulting in loss of sporting performance or exercise participation.


It encompasses a rapid response to return a sportsperson back to competition as quickly as possible. The diagnosis, management approach and recovery programming are accelerated where possible, without risking further injury. Additional factors include the maintenance of a sports person’s fitness while recuperating. Being off the field for a period will reduce peak physical fitness, so it is important to know about the demands of the sport and implement a recovery strategy to keep the athlete as physically fit as possible to minimise time out of the game.