Treating acute, sub-acute or chronic pain caused by some form of physical impairment.

Physiotherapy is the treatment of pain and movement pathology related to either acute or chronic injury. Our Physiotherapists pride themselves on taking a holistic evidence-based approach to treatment. Holistic means that they not only consider your immediate pain, but also look at other regions or factors that may be contributing to your pain experience and impairing your body’s ability to recover.Evidence based practice means that our therapists remain up to date with the latest research in treatment techniques, and pain management strategies. This means that the advice provided to you has, where possible, been demonstrated to be the most effective, most of the time.


Being stuck in an uncomfortable working position for a long period that has resulted in a slow burning lower back or neck pain, headache or dizziness. Alternatively, the impact of an incident such as digging a hole, hitting a rock and straining your back or shoulder.


The aim is to accurately diagnose the musculoskeletal complaint, determine the best course of treatment and management, while also identifying the risks from a habitual and environmental perspective. This may include understanding a person’s work conditions and home life to better understand a person’s habits. That way a more accurate management system can be put in place, so the injury is avoided in the future.The end goal of any general/musculoskeletal physio approach is to allow the person to participate in their life with the greatest of their ability without any impairment.


Sports physiotherapy is an area of practice that pertains to the management of injuries sustained in the sporting arena. The immediate management of a sports injury is not that different from the same injury sustained in a non-sporting situation. The difference in a sports setting is the attainment of strength and skill to a high enough level to return to competition.

Our Physiotherapists are dual qualified in Sports Science with many of them holding advanced strength and conditioning qualifications. They are able to develop elite level return to sports management plans. They can work with your coaches in advising specific return to play strategies. They can also prescribe or consult with your conditioning coaches to help devise plans to best minimise loss of overall strength and endurance.


Injuries are a part of sport. Ankle sprains, muscles strains, knee and shoulder injuries can all occur through a mis-timed tackle or a poor technique. Overuse injuries related to poor technique, overtraining or other biomechanical factors, pain and function are impaired resulting in loss of sporting performance or exercise participation.


It encompasses a rapid response to return a sportsperson back to competition as quickly as possible. The diagnosis, management approach and recovery programming are accelerated where possible, without risking further injury. Additional factors include the maintenance of a sports person’s fitness while recuperating. Being off the field for a period will reduce peak physical fitness, so it is important to know about the demands of the sport and implement a recovery strategy to keep the athlete as physically fit as possible to minimise time out of the game.


Maintaining or regaining wellness through exercise. Exercise physiology is the study of how our bodies’ systems respond to exercise. An exercise physiologist is specially trained to develop and implement exercise-based management of clients with a broad range of health complaints or diseases. It is a lot more than seeing a personal trainer.


With a higher knowledge of disease states, and the bodies response to exercise, our exercise physiologist is able to design interventions to help clients prevent or manage chronic disease, injury or disability. These interventions are exercise-based and include health and physical activity education, advice and support and lifestyle modification with a strong focus on achieving behavioural change. It is a pathway to improved health, mobility and wellness. Typical clients might suffer from Diabetes, Cancer, Respiratory disease, Chronic pain and fatigue to regain health and wellness.


Individually tailored programs developed to strengthen and optimise an individual’s physical capacity. Exercise prescription is paramount in making sure that you optimise what your body can do.


A 75-year-old female client couldn’t stand on one leg 12 months earlier without falling over. Now, her balance is intact, and she can even hop on one leg. Another client, aged 65, has been so inspired by exercise prescription that he is now able to deadlift 115kg for five repetitions, and no longer complains of lower back pain. An amazing achievement. Another 75- year-old lady with osteoporosis heard the story and now she’s up to 30kg dead lift. Hasn’t felt so great for years. You always must expose the body to a new challenge, otherwise it just stagnates. If the program stops, you stop.

Work Hardening Programs

The intention is to improve upon a person’s physical condition, so they can have a more physically rewarding life experience. It goes without saying that a person’s physical capacity is only as good as the load they can tolerate. And, the only way to tolerate more load is to train.

The biggest challenge is getting patients through the tough bit, the times that it hurts, and it can be painful. But if people understand that it’s short lived and persist, they regain movement and function that serves freedom.


Remedial massage is a form of deep tissue massage. It is regularly used to facilitate the reduction of muscle tension and irritation. Such techniques can be helpful in recovering from physical activity and high load training as seen in some sports or occupations that result in repetitive actions and / or sustained postures. Reducing muscle stiffness can be an effective tool in improving joint range of motion and reducing injury potential.

It is understood the there is a potential healing nature of physical touch. We believe it has the capacity to reduce stress hormones which in turn could help lower blood pressure, muscle tension and help alleviate one’s pain. This process can also be an important component in the management of high stress / repetitive work situations as well as the high load athlete.

Remedial massage can be an effective therapy for proactive pain management and improved physical performance. It works best in conjunction with other exercise modalities. After assessment and consultation, our remedial massage therapists can determine whether you would benefit from targeted sessions or a tailored treatment plan.

During your first session, our remedial massage therapists evaluate your areas of tension. Once your problem area is understood, our experts can determine the best form of therapy to meet your needs. Remedial massage should not be painful. Some techniques used to relieve stress may cause initial discomfort, the pressure should be bearable. Our remedial massage therapists take care to gauge your level of comfort and pressure during treatment, to ensure that you experience the benefits.


Remedial massage is a beneficial adjunct to a rehabilitation program, future injury prevention program, or to assist in reducing stress and work-related muscle tension. Our therapists work in a team environment, so you can be assured that there will not be any techniques applied that may impair your recovery from injury.



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