Exercise for mental health

Exercise yields an abundance of benefits for the human body. Often exercise is associated with improving physical well-being, that is building strength and endurance to complete a specific task or rehabilitating from an injury or surgery. However, one of the more influential benefits of exercise is on the mind and improving or maintaining one’s mental …

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The PAIN of Shoulders

A comprehensive overview of the most mobile joint in our body, the shoulder, and the ways it can come unstuck. Pain in the shoulder is one of the more common conditions physiotherapists teat. The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body and requires very complex muscular stability to maintain its function. The type …

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Why Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is about restoring and maintaining functional movement, reducing pain and promoting health in individuals. At Physiodynamics, we treat a wide array of conditions including: Spinal pain and injuries (e.g. disc prolapse) Headaches Sports injuries (e.g. ligament tears) Fractures (e.g. broken arm) Musculoskeletal problems (e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome) Post-surgical rehabilitation (e.g. following a knee replacement) …

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