Kirstie McHugh


Kirstie is the senior physiotherapist at the Physiodynamics Beenleigh clinic. She has been working with Physiodynamics since 2014 and is constantly amazed by the impact physiotherapists can have on people’s quality of life. She says it has driven her passion to provide the highest level of service and quality care to every patient. “Helping others achieve their goals in relation to their physical capacity is highly rewarding.” Kirstie is compassionate and intelligent in the way she motivates patients to progress past the movements that cause pain to reach a place where they have more mobility than they thought would ever be possible.

Kirstie could also be mistaken for being the study worm. She likes to continually learn; striving to increase her mastery of the art of movement and the ways she can deliver positive results for people.

Personally, Kirstie is more into leisure than sports. When it’s time for a break, she enjoys escaping into nature; hiking or camping. Otherwise she’ll be spending time with her husband and their two dogs. She also supports Precious Paws Animal Rescue and runs young adult programs within her local community to help young people build relationships within their local community.