How exercise can save your golf swing.

Let us go back to the peak years of professional golf. It was 2002, and Tiger was writing history. In a fanatic fashion, Tiger recorded a stretch of golf which will not ever be beaten. Over 11 tournaments he finished; first, first, tied second, first, first, first, first, first, fifth, second, and first… Resulting in his handicap reaching a high of +9.4… Freakish to reflect on!

It was later found that Tigers secret to success was attributed to his efforts off the golf course (and no, not that…). Tiger revealed that he was focusing large amount of time and effort to the gym, to keep his body in shape to tolerate the high amounts of stress he required of it.

Now not all of us strive to compete in a major tournament, but more realistically are concerned for our longevity in the sport. Can you relate to any of these scenarios?

  • I can’t swing my club as fast as I could last year
  • I can’t rotate my body as well I could last year
  • I can’t walk 18 holes anymore, my knees won’t let me
  • I can’t swing a golf club as well as I want to, my back is killing me!
  • I lose my swing toward the end of the round, I feel to physically tired

If you can relate to any of these situations, what is your remedy to it? Are you prepared to do the exercise necessary to maintain your performance on the golf course? Or even keep you playing the game?

Seeking expert help with your physical capabilities can save your swing! Through biomechanical analysis we can provide accurate information regarding how your body moves, or how it doesn’t move. Things such as your range of motion, your strength, your power, and your movement patterns can all strongly contribute to your swing.

Once we identify these biomechanical findings we can provide you with education on your body, and furthermore provide you with a home or gym-based exercises to address them!

Feel free to reach out and express your interest in saving your swing!